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Day 76: And that’s the kind of day it’s been.

I took it easy today — still feeling a bit woozy from yesterday’s tree attack. I had three naps and am about to go down for an early bedtime.

The kids have spent at least seven hours on the trampoline today. They’re choreographing a new routine, this time led by R and N. I expect them to call us for the performance any minute now.

We’re ramping up the homeschooling this week. The Kumon workbooks are working very well for math, and last week I ordered the books for a writing curriculum that is workbook-based. The workbooks I ordered were delivered today, and we’ll start tomorrow. It’s days like this, when I’m not feeling great, that I agree with Mr. December on the importance of a curriculum that our kids can mostly work through themselves.

I’ve chosen to start the kids from level 1, which starts off ridiculously simply. I anticipate a whole lot of “this is stupid!”; but as we explained to the kids tonight, they’ve changed schools a couple of times, which seems to have created gaps in their knowledge. Case in point: N’s handwriting is atrocious, and it only hit me this year that nobody ever taught him to print. At Montessori he learned cursive writing, not printing, and when we switched to his next school for grade 2, the other children had all learned printing the previous year. Thankfully, he agrees with me on the need to learn and practice printing; I hope that all the kids will be equally cooperative when it comes to very basic writing exercises.

I’ve never told you the story of my concussion last year, have I? That’s a post for another night, but tonight I’m feeling a dreadful sense of déja vu, what with this low-grade headache and feeling just a bit “off.” At least I seem to be thinking as quickly as before; last time I woke up the day after getting hit on the head and my brain was so sluggish it took me at least twice as long to form coherent sentences.

And with that, I’m reminded that I need to spend less time on screens and less time thinking (truly, thinking kind of hurts.) I’ll sign off here, with a promise that I’ll keep blogging every day even if it’s just a few lines to say everything’s okay.

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