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Day 75: At least the kids had fun

By 1:00 p.m. today our “foster trampoline” was fully assembled, positioned, and ready for action. R and N earned the privilege of the first jump, since they helped me and the movers yesterday by holding and handing us tools and parts.

We all took turns, and then at one point it was just me and E on the trampoline. We were bouncing around, minding our business, when I suddenly felt a stinging whiplike blow to my head. For a minute I thought maybe one of the rods that hold up the safety net had snapped or come loose (they’re under a lot of tension). As it turned out, a branch had fallen… right on my head.

I put my hand to my aching head and it came away stained with blood. I sent E running for Mr. December, and after making sure I was mostly okay, he examined the branch. He concluded that since it was barkless and very dry, it must have been stuck in the branches of our maple tree and then dislodged by today’s wind. Before we allowed the kids to jump, we had both examined the branches above the trampoline for dead or falling branches and found neither. I have no idea where that branch came from.

I spent the rest of the afternoon lying on the couch, feeling woozy. I napped for several hours. I still feel a little weird, but not even close to how I felt when I got a concussion in January of 2019. I’ll be fine.

In the meantime, the kids were on the trampoline all afternoon long. K was giving the younger ones lessons in how to execute different kinds of jumps and drops; then she choreographed a routine that involved music, costumes, trampoline skills, and dance. The children performed it for us at 8:00 tonight. I was impressed — not necessarily at the skill they displayed (though it was good), but at K’s leadership, their teamwork, and their creativity.

They bounced for at least 5 hours today. That means they should fall asleep instantly, right?


Oh, come on!

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