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Day 68: Clinging to the old ways

Earlier today we were speaking with my in-laws, and my father-in-law told us that he was at the post office because he needed to mail his taxes in.

“You mailed your taxes in?” Mr. December guffawed. “Why not just send them by autogyro? Or maybe a nice carrier pigeon?”

He probably should have ditched the mocking tone of voice. After all, we’ll be old one day too, and then we’ll cling to the way we’ve always done things. I’m starting tonight, in fact. WordPress just changed its publishing interface, and I have no idea what I’m supposed to do with it. Apparently there are blocks and containers that you can automatically fit text to? Where do I get a container? And what the heck is a block? I just want my old-fashioned WordPress back.


Speaking of clinging to the old ways, I discovered today that Mr. December is pretty old-school when it comes to homeschooling. While I think part of the beauty of homeschooling is the flexibility to make each day work for you, he feels that we need a rigid structure, including an early start. My argument, “Why would we not let our kids get however much sleep their bodies need whenever they need it?” was neatly parried with: “The kids are usually up and milling around for at least an hour before you wake up. This isn’t about them.” Mostly true, and a fair point.

We have, however, decided to set some academic goals for our kids over the summer. We’ve gone ahead and ordered several grades’ worth of Kumon workbooks, and I’m curating a summer reading list. Anybody have any suggestions? The only kids’ books I’m familiar with are the ones I read as a kid. I’m sure there’s some great new stuff out there among all the junk reading I’ve seen my kids devour.

Junk reading or great literature? You decide.

(Not that I have anything against junk reading; I’m a prime offender in that department. I’ve never met an R-rated Pride and Prejudice fanfic I didn’t like — Except for the ones that were just badly written, with terrible punctuation and the misuse of words. I don’t know how many times I have to yell at my phone screen about these egregious errors before the writers agree to read a grammar manual or two. I’m amazed at how many writers seem to think that Darcy could possibly decompose Elizabeth (I suspect they meant discompose), or how Lydia flaunting society’s rules does not mean the same thing as her flouting them. Yeesh.)

Right. So, non-junk reading — Suggestions are welcome. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some serious junk reading to attend to.

Shabbat Shalom!

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