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Day 57: Mothers’ Day

I’m not a big fan of Mothers’ Day. Just like Fathers’ Day and Valentine’s Day, it gets so over-hyped that disappointment is almost guaranteed. Not to mention the fact that, if you’re lucky and still have your mom and/or your mother-in-law, you have to try to accommodate what everyone would like to be doing to celebrate and balance three very different agendas on one day.

When it comes to Mothers’ Day, I’ve been very lucky. I was raised by an amazing mom who is still there for me whenever I need her; I had two wonderful grandmothers; There were plenty of Aunties — “real” and “honorary” (very close family friends) who mothered me when they saw the need (come to think of it, many of them still do.) I have a mother-in-law who has let me down by making it impossible for me to complain about her (it’s awkward when everyone else is complaining about theirs!)

There were some hard Mothers’ Days for me, in my days of miscarriage and fertility treatments, when every “Happy Mothers’ Day” sign or event was a knife in my heart. I haven’t forgotten what that was like (and if you’re in that position and still reading my post, it’s ok to click away. I’ll still love you.)

And now I have my four children, and my mother is still alive, and so is my mother-in-law, and my biggest problem with Mothers’ Day is that if we mothers want it done right, we have to do it ourselves. Or, as I did this year, send the husband a link to exactly the thing I want.

You see, last year we left it up to the husbands, and what we got was an 11:30 a.m. brunch barbecue. It was perfect… for the guys. All three of the moms would have preferred something brunch-y and dairy: quiche, bagels and cream cheese, waffles, that sort of thing. Actually, my Mom was kind on top of things – she brought her own bagels, which we moms ate while everyone else enjoyed their hot dogs and burgers.

Today was simple and lovely. Mr. December ordered a gift box of scones and lemon curd from a local bakery (my favourite! How did he know?) We made bubble tea, and served some to my parents during a socially-distanced visit in our backyard. Our amazing nanny called me to ask Mr. December to come pick something up from her house; he came home with a huge box of home-cooked food – chicken, rice, vegetables, pumpkin fritters, and more. Oh, and an entire Tiramisu, also homemade. The sweetest part? She went to the trouble of buying kosher meat and using her new (never-used) pots so that it would be ok for us to eat.

So I’ve been thoroughly spoiled today, and completely stuffed with delicious food, to boot. And now that the over-hyped day is over, and I’m done writing this over-hyped post (sorry guys, I know it’s all over the place and definitely not my best writing,) I’m going to sign off and watch Netflix with my daughter while we cuddle on the couch — which is a pretty sweet part of being a mom.



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