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Day 49: Where does the money go?

I’ve heard some people say they’re spending much less money since the shutdown, since they’re not going anywhere or doing anything. I can see how that’s possible, but it’s not what’s happening over here.

Ever since school closed and Mr. December started working from home, it feels like we’re singlehandedly propping up the economy. It doesn’t help that I have my VISA card number memorized, right down to that 3-digit number on the back. It’s just so easy to hop online and order… everything. But what have I bought?

Since we’re talking about financials, I figured a chart might help: Where does the money go_

I’ve spent a considerable amount of time teaching my kids the difference between “want” and “need” — and I try my best not to buy things we don’t actually need — at least, not too often. But lately we’ve been trying to support more local businesses, which means that we’re buying things we normally wouldn’t: a dozen spelt flour chocolate hazelnut cookies, or sweet peppers at double the No Frills price, or ice cream “because we really want the ice cream shop to be there when this whole COVID thing is over!”

Anyhow, I wanted to figure out the answers to a few questions:

  1. How many of the things we’ve bought lately did we actually need?
  2. Was there anything we really needed that we didn’t (or couldn’t) buy?
  3. Are we buying things in the right quantities?

I think this chart captures the answers pretty well:

Quarantine purchases

Fine, so we didn’t really need those chicken-feet socks. And buying several kilograms of tapioca pearls for bubble tea might have been excessive. But I resisted buying tranquilizer darts, a bouncy castle, and an alpaca farm. I think that shows some restraint. Don’t you?

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