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Day 48: May Day


I thought this day would never come. It was always tantalizingly out of reach, giving us glimpses of warmth and sunshine. But it looks like it just might be… spring?

Lots of things are growing now: Daffodils and tulips; buds on our fruit trees; dandelions; Mr. December’s beard and mustache; My unibrow (Yup, I’m letting my inner Muppet out to play.)

I biked out to pick up our grocery order today, with E as my adorable sidekick. My knee was hurting but I didn’t really care — as far as I’m concerned, happiness is a bike ride. And maybe some baked goods every now and then.

Speaking of baked goods: A friend posted on Facebook that she wanted some raspberry canes to plant in her yard, and she offered baked goods in exchange. I didn’t need to be asked twice — now I can hardly see where she dug them up and I’m in possession of some beautiful-looking cinnamon buns (can we all say “dessert for breakfast”?)

I’m just going to put it out there: I have a couple of old boxwood trees and a whole ton of hydrangeas. Anybody who wants to come dig them out and take them away is welcome. I won’t even ask for baked goods; at this point I’d also be happy for a short in-person conversation with someone I don’t live with (but I wouldn’t say no to chocolate if you insisted. Just sayin’.)

I discovered something today: we have neighbours! There are actual people living in the other houses on our street! I mean, sure, okay, I knew theoretically those homes couldn’t all be vacant, but I think that was my brain’s assumption because we’ve never seen at least half of the families who occupy those houses. It’s a shame it took a pandemic for them to come out of their shells; if we had met before, our kids could actually have played together. Now the closest we can get is hollering from the bottom of their driveways, “Hey, nice to meet you! Give us a call if you survive COVID!”

But seriously, friends and neighbours, I’d like to see more of you guys. Especially if there are baked goods involved… just sayin’.


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