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Day 29: Yes, I can count.

Sorry about yesterday (day 28). I started feeling kind of dizzy and fatigued around the kids’ bedtime so I went to my bed to rest for a few minutes. That’s the last I saw of yesterday.

But as an FYI, we played lots of board games yesterday and also offered copious screen time, so everyone was pretty happy.

This morning I woke up with vertigo. I went back to sleep. Woke up with slightly less vertigo, and started the day.

I can probably save us all a lot of time if I just say that today involved a lot of whining and multiple requests for extra screen time (which were not granted.) Mr. December and I started watching a lecture series using our projector in the attic. Our giant beanbag was so warm and cozy, and the lecturer’s voice so calm and soothing, that I fell asleep. At some point Mr. December turned off the lectures and went downstairs, and the kids cuddled up to me from all sides. It was a delicious nap.

When counting the omer this afternoon I asked the kids what today’s good thing was, and the consensus was “nobody murdered anybody” (hey, it’s important to keep expectations low.) K pointed out that this is only day 3 of the omer and we should probably save “no murders today” for someday a bit closer to the end, so N dug a chocolate bar out of the pantry and passed it around. Now day 3 says “chocolate.” Good enough.

I’ve noticed that my stamina and strength are waning. Sure, I could theoretically go for a bike ride, but where? The beauty of biking (for me) is that it’s exercise and transportation. With no place I need to go, what’s the point? I guess it would make sense to start doing my HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout videos again; it’s just so hard to get motivated to do it. I’ve got this strange apathy going on. I can see myself wasting time on stupid things, I have a ton of projects that need to be done, and I can’t get myself to do them. This sucks.

The kids seem to believe that screen time is the only thing they can do right now. Never mind the family library, the swings in the attic, or the craft room in the basement. Never mind dozens of board games and a big backyard. There is “NOTHING TO DO!” and they’re bored. Too bad. I remember the glory days when we had just moved in and had no screens available to the kids — they played elaborate imaginative games, they coloured, they read books. That’s it. Tomorrow I’m hiding the power cords for both family computers. Wish us luck.

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