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Day 19: Who’s crazy now?

I woke up early today. It could have been the sunshine streaming in through the gaps in my curtains. It could have been that my brain was just ready. More likely it was the sound of the kids talking and swinging on the hammocks directly below my bedroom.  Thanks, kids.

R looked like she was in a pretty dark mood, so I dragged her out for a quick walk before her first online class of the day (there were five in total, but I’m pretty sure she skipped phys. ed.) We were both feeling better when we came back inside. IMG_3011

E’s class had a model passover seder. We had to set her up with her own little seder plate with all the symbolic foods on it. I managed everything except the shank bone – at the last minute I cut out a bone-shaped piece of cardboard and added it to her plate. Impressively, she made the charoset with only a little help from me.

Deciding that I needed to boost my mood and mental health today, I headed down to the Makery to tidy up. I ended up installing a shelf and building a set of paper trays to store the gazillion different kinds of paper we keep down there.

Speaking of my unspeakably huge crafting stash, I’ve realized that I’ve been preparing for this quarantine thing all along. I am so glad that I’m a maximalist when it comes to craft supplies. Because of COVID we’re having our own little seder at home this year, instead of going to my parents’ house. The problem is that we don’t have some of the stuff you might want when hosting a seder. A seder plate, for example. I might have to use a normal plate with little plastic bowls to hold each symbol.

But wait! I just happen to have a plastic mould for a seder plate… and also half a box of plaster of paris powder! E and I mixed the plaster (I tried to explain ratios to her, but I think it went over her head), poured it into the mould, and waited. We ended up popping it in the oven on the “dehydrate” setting for an hour or so. Then I decided to “clean it up” a little — you know, shave off the ridges from the mould, flatten out the bottom… that sort of thing. Which I did, with the help of tools from my vast collection: a wide metal putty knife, my x-acto knife, my combination square, and two different grits of sandpaper.

They said I was crazy to keep all those random craft supplies… but who’s crazy now? (insert maniacal laughter here.)


Also notable today: N ate half a hamburger. This is big news. He’s the pickiest eater in our family and normally on hamburger night he’ll eat a bun slathered in ketchup and mustard. Why he dared to try some meat tonight is beyond me; I’m just happy he did. It was so notable that R asked for my phone so she could take a picture of the historic moment.

There was plenty of outdoor time for the kids — their giant hole in the mud is coming along nicely — and even some treats, namely popcorn and muffins. Even with three doctor’s appointments (one of which I missed — I’m sorry, Dr. D!) and the family laptop refusing to charge, it was a pretty good day.


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