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Day 17: I’m done.

By 1:30 p.m. today, I was DONE. Like, “Stick a fork in me, I’m done.”

I spent my morning taking care of everyone’s technology needs. How many times can a kid accidentally lose the Zoom window and call for help? Our current record stands at 8 in a 30-minute session. So there I was, running up and down the stairs everytime I heard “Eema? Something happened…” It’s not really their fault, but it also kind of is. Why can’t they just NOT TOUCH ANYTHING?

Around 1:25, R asked if she could use my phone to FaceTime with her friend (my phone and laptop are the only Apple devices around here). I may have lost it a bit. My phone and laptop had been in use all morning long by people other than me.

So I was in this self-pitying place, saying things like, “I’m tired of everybody using my tech! It’s never available when I need it!” And then, the crushing realization that my phone isn’t the only iPhone in the house… but (and here’s the really annoying part) Mr. December’s stuff is always only his. The kids can’t use it. I can’t use it. It’s just for him. Why is my stuff communal property, then?

Also today: every time Mr. December and I started a conversation with each other, one of the kids immediately started talking to us. Like, they didn’t need us two seconds before we started talking, but now that we’ve gotten two words out they really really need to talk. In the most notable instance N interrupted us just moments after we finished telling R to try watching for social cues and not to interrupt a conversation unless it’s urgent. “How did you not JUST hear us say this?!?!?!?”

I did get out for a walk-and-phone-call with a friend this afternoon. E saw I was going outside and wanted to come too, and I was just like, “Nope,” and walked out.

I also had a lovely snuggle with E. We sat in our super-comfy rocking glider chair and watched Sesame Street on my laptop (after I declared it unavailable to anyone but me for the rest of the day.) E loved it. I fell asleep.

And my friends Adam and Claudia got married yesterday (on a Zoom call, with the officiant inside her own car across the street) and so I went to their Zoom reception. I’m so happy for them.

Now it’s me time. I’m posting this quickly so I can go join an online game of Cards Against Humanity. Maybe tomorrow I’ll be in a better mood.


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