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Day 11: Mr. Golden Sun

Wow – what a day it was out there today! Sun, warm temperatures, empty roads. Perfect conditions for a first semi-independent bike ride. While everyone else was busy, I took E outside and helped her learn to ride her Elsa bike. Thanks to the Metrolinx Crosstown construction and COVID-19, our street is now a dead end with traffic of maybe 1 car every hour. We took full advantage of that fact.


Back inside, it seems that we’re slowly figuring things out. R, who once again fell apart when I suggested doing some school work, perked right up when I suggested she work with one or two friends via video conference. Her friends were game too, and they ended up working on math together for almost an hour. We’ll have to try again tomorrow to see if these results can be replicated. If they can, this could be a game changer for us.


I realized something today: the days that I take my Ritalin are the days that seem to flow the best. I can’t point to any particular thing that is different, but everything seems more manageable. Say yes to drugs, kids.

My grocery order, which I submitted last Thursday and was supposed to be ready for pickup on Monday at 2 p.m., was finally ready for pickup last night. I’m getting the feeling that I should sign up now for another slot, so that I can get fresh produce and milk in a week or two. Either that, or I could call the small grocery store down the road and order from them. It’s probably better to support the local businesses anyway, if we want them to still be there in six months.

In that spirit, I ordered a dozen chocolate-hazelnut cookies from 3SK, a local cafe that makes amazing food. Sure, I could have ordered real food, but these cookies are the best ever. If my kids are good I might let them share one amongst themselves. Sure, eating all those cookies might not be the best thing for my body, but it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make for the sake of the economy.

I just want to pause here to say how awesome Mr. December is. He worked hard (from home) all day and since he came out of his office he’s done nothing but eat dinner with us, play with the kids outside, and play with the kids in the attic. If they fall asleep quickly tonight I’ll have him to thank.


I got a fair bit of work done today: I re-installed R’s bedroom curtains, fixed the knobs on her closet door, and staged a major cleanup of The Makery (our workshop/craft room). The Makery isn’t done yet, but I can actually see some surfaces now, so there’s hope.

There’s hope in many ways — hope that we might finally be finding ways to maintain our sanity, hope that I can get the house tidied up now that I’m home all the time, hope that this confinement might even be good for our family. You’d better have hope, too — hope that my kids say or do something outrageous — because otherwise, this blog is going to get real boring real fast.

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