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Social Distancing, Day 7: and on the Seventh Day, we Rested.

The kids and Mr. December had a wild sleepover in the attic last night. I heard them shouting and laughing for a long time before Mr. December’s voice boomed and silence descended on them.

Last night’s sleeping arrangements. Yes, N set himself up on a mattress in a swing.

We were lazy this morning. I slept in and then wore my pyjamas until 2 p.m. The kids made pancakes (yes, by themselves) and then went off and did something on the computer. I have no idea what. I read the newspaper (have you seen some of the articles about COVID-19? Talk about filler!), caught up on Facebook, and finally decided to shower and get dressed.

Today was cold. I’m pretty sure it was below zero, and in any case I was still feeling pretty sick. We stayed inside – to our detriment, I’m sure. Keeping our restlessness and frustration in check for a while, we sculpted tiny toilet paper rolls out of fimo and tried to film a tutorial for making plasticene fruit; but after a while an argument broke out and the peace of the afternoon was shattered.

At one point there was a kid under the table eating cheerios and chocolate chips off the floor; a tween loudly lamenting the lack of social contact; A kid who stank so badly that I couldn’t continue to let him hug me if he didn’t bathe RIGHT AWAY (he did); and a child in tears for… I don’t even know.

“ANNOUNCEMENT!” I shouted, holding a tupperware container aloft, “If you guys don’t calm down right this minute, I’m going to eat this whole piece of polar pizza MYSELF!”

I was kind of looking forward to eating the treat, but the kids actually piped down. Bummer. I cut the piece into six bites and passed them around as Mr. December asked, “So, what do you guys want to do?”

It was a bit hard to hear, with them all talking over each other, but they each seemed to want to watch something different.

“Anybody who wants to watch needs to…” I stopped to think. 

“Clean their room?” R supplied.

“Uh, yeah. Clean your rooms if you want to watch.”  And off they went.

They eventually filtered back downstairs and claimed their respective devices, and then there was silence. Blissful, peaceful, incredible stillness. Thank G-d.

Mr. December and I had a date night tonight. We’ve got a cool setup in the attic: an Apple TV connected to a projector aimed at the sloped ceiling. Ensconced in our giant beanbags, we sat and watched Contagion. You know, the movie that’s about a mysterious virus that originates in China and becomes a global epidemic with all the deaths and self-isolation and unrest that comes with it.

If you’re a sensitive type, don’t watch this movie right now. It’s a little too relatable. At least our world doesn’t seem to be descending into violence with angry mobs and looting.

“If you watch this movie, you won’t sleep tonight. Or ever.” Mr. December cautioned me three hours ago. But you know what? I’m going to prove him wrong.



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