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Social Distancing, day 6: Amoxil? Don’t mind if I do!

Guess who has strep throat? Yup, this gal.

Last night I felt feverish and achy. I wondered if I’d wake up to more COVID-19 symptoms. Instead, I woke up to an extremely sore throat and that overall slightly nauseated icky feeling that I’ve come to associate with things like strep and mastitis. So I turned on my phone’s flashlight, opened wide, and looked in the mirror. White patches on my tonsils. Of course.

Apparently we don’t get a free pass on the usual illnesses just because there’s a pandemic out there. Who knew?

I’d just like to say that virtual doctor appointments are way better for me than having to show up in person. I called my family doctor’s office and was able to make an appointment for the doctor to call me. After I explained everything to her, she called me on FaceTime so I could show her my throat. She agreed with my self-diagnosis and called in a prescription for Amoxil to my usual pharmacy.IMG_2635.JPG

Today was quiet around here. E and I joined her school in a morning prayer service via Zoom. I could feel her relief at seeing familiar teachers and hearing familiar tunes. Another gift of technology. R had a video call with her teacher and was beaming when she hung up. K did her two hours of math and then practiced violin. N read a 340-page book from cover to cover.

The Mr., K, N, and I played a couple of games of Pandemic Legacy: season 2. It feels weirdly appropriate to be playing it right now. Part of the game involves producing and delivering supplies to cities around the world. Sometimes you have to take supplies from one city to give to another. Every single time, Mr. December said, “I’m just gonna take all the toilet paper from Frankfurt (or Lima, or wherever)” and one of us would chime in, “Take all the sanitizer too!” Maybe I’ll make some little toilet paper rolls out of clay to represent the supplies, and use them instead of the standard cubes.


Playing Pandemic has given our kids the language and concepts to describe what’s happening right now. They understand that global pandemic can strain supply chains. So when I announced that we had only eight eggs left and challah uses six, they agreed that we should try making an eggless challah in case the stores didn’t get restocked in the next couple of days. After all, it’s easier to make eggless challah than eggless eggs. Right?

(side note: Mr. December went to pick up my antibiotics and brought home 3 dozen eggs from Rexall while he was there.)

I slept for an hour or so during the day. The kids are having a sleepover party in the attic with Mr. December while I huddle under my duvet and wait for the antibiotics to work.IMG_2646.JPG

This will be a very different Shabbat. No guests. Eggless challah. Simple food. All of us together with absolutely no plans to go anywhere. This could be good. I hope that wherever you are, whoever you are, your next 25 hours are full of love and peace.

Shabbat Shalom!

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