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Social Distancing, Day 5: Ignoring is Bliss

I don’t feel so great today. I’m not sure if it’s a fibro flare or if I’m coming down with something. Or maybe it’s the fact that a child was in my bed last night murmuring about a tummyache while I patted and shushed her. For four hours. You understand why I spent most of my afternoon sleeping it off. And how did I spend my morning? Inventory management.

Thanks to my engineer husband, we have an inventory spreadsheet for our toiletries and consumable household supplies. I finally took inventory today and realized there are a few notable gaps in our supplies (it doesn’t help that R’s thumb seems to need a new Steri-strip twice a day.) I spent the morning checking inventory and then attempting to order stuff online. FYI, Steri-strips are plentiful. Hand soap and Tylenol are not.

Between my morning work and the afternoon nap, I ignored my kids almost all day. True, there was an adjustment period when they kept jabbering at me about things they ostensibly needed, but eventually they got the message and left me to my work (and my nap.)

I love what happens when my kids are left to their own devices and the screen time has run out.


R and E have been asking me to make apple crumble with them for the last four days. Today I told them that if they wanted crumble they’d have to at least start it themselves. R washed and peeled the apples. E used the special cutter that cores and cuts apples. When I made it back to the kitchen there was a pie plate full of cut apples. We finished the recipe together and baked it. It was delicious.



My kids have finally resorted to violins.

I never would have believed it, but K voluntarily practiced violin for 40 minutes in the morning. Then after dinner she had turned into the teacher as she worked with R and N to teach them the song from some video game or other. (Note: N has not played violin in 3 years.)

I was sitting at my desk on the landing when N came out. “K says I have to play this part twenty times with no extra notes,” he explained. The next time he was sent to me for practice he appeared with a bow but no violin. “K says my bow hold is terrible. I have to do the Purple Stew bow game for a bit before I can continue learning the song.” IMG_2629


You know what those instructions mean, right? K obviously already¬†knows how to practice properly. And now I know that she knows…

In the meantime R was chugging along with the song, working on 2 bars at a time. The three of them were at it for at least and hour. I’m still in shock.


Still in shock, and still feeling kind of crappy. My body hurts. I’m going to stop typing and go to bed and hope that I’ll feel better in the morning.

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