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Photo essay: A Very Happy Birthday

I turned 40 yesterday.

As I said to a friend last night, you know that you’re fortunate when your idea of a nearly perfect day is pretty close to an ordinary day.

When I was 20 my idea of a good birthday breakfast was cake and ice cream. Yesterday morning I had fried eggs, multigrain toast, spinach salad, and tomatoes with feta and za’atar. Go figure. 40 is weird.

Other highlights:

Colouring our giant illustrated world map with E. As we coloured we chatted about things like where Madagascar is and why kangaroos only live in Australia.


Splitting logs for the fire. Chopping firewood is still the most fun I can have in my backyard.

The kids hauled in the firewood and I built a fire. Then N snuggled with me on the beanbag and I read to him from Harry Potter and the I Have No Idea Which Book This Is.

We had an early dinner of Laffa and Shawarma (and Schnitzel and Chips, of course) at Aish Tanoor.

And then I rushed off to my dance rehearsal. R and K came with me, and we brought birthday cake to share with everyone.

After rehearsal the girls and I joined in a folk dance session – old classics that were simple enough to learn on the fly, in case I hadn’t learned them years ago in school (from the woman in the orange leggings, in fact.) 


Back home, to where Mr. December literally kept the home fires burning. I sent the kids to bed, took a shower, and cozied up by the fire with my sweetheart, a bowl of dessert, and a shot of Bailey’s.

And that’s it – my idea of a good time. Stay tuned for my ambitious list of things I want to do with the next 40 years!

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