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Necessity is the mother of invention

Hannukah Chanukah Hanukkah is almost here.

Some of you may remember that I have a box for each holiday. That way I can procrastinate like crazy, and pull out the box on the eve of the holiday and have everything I need. But the last two years kind of got away from me, such that some books and toys came out of the boxes and never went back in, and other things got mis-filed, and all in all I can’t rely on the boxes right now.

Knowing all this, I opened up the chanukah box four whole days early. It contained the following:

  • two wooden chanukah-themed puzzles
  • half a box of beautiful hand-dipped candles
  • two dreidels
  • another dreidel – a fancy silver one that really needs polishing – and its lucite display stand
  • a paper garland with dreidel shapes strung on a metallic ribbon
  • a plush shofar and two plush round challahs (Rosh Hashana)
  • a stuffed toy torah (Simchat Torah)
  • some felt animal hats (Purim)
  • and a partridge in a pear tree (lame seasonal joke.)

Know what wasn’t in my chanukah box?

A menorah.

We do own several chanukiyot (menorahs). I have no idea whether they’re mislaid in a different holiday box or whether they’re in one of the many boxes we’ve yet to unpack after the big move. Whichever it is, my chance of finding one of ours before the holiday starts on Sunday night is slim to none.

So I did what I always do when I need something right away. I made it myself.

Okay, the kids made some too. We spent ninety minutes in the Makery (it’s what we call our basement craft room: “Welcome to the Makery! Don’t just stand there… make something!) and ended up with more menorahs than our family can light at once.

Hard at work in the Makery
Ready to bake. The pieces on the right will be glued to a nice piece of wood.
Fresh from the oven
My favourite. (The menorah, not the kid. I mean, I love her, but they’re all my favourites.)

Crisis averted! Now, to buy some more candles so there’s no menorah left behind. Happy Chanukah!


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