Afraid of the iPhone…

by Decemberbaby

I have a dumbphone. I use it to phone people. That’s all. The technological high point of my cellphone use was when I enabled bluetooth and linked it to our minivan’s computer. I don’t text, I don’t browse, I don’t even keep people’s numbers programmed into my phone. Dumb, right?

About a year back I bought myself an iPod touch, to see if I could use it to get more organized. Now I’ve been using it for alarms, reminders, “to do” lists and my calendar, and I like it.

So maybe I should get an iPhone, right? That’s what I’m thinking… but I’m scared.

Of what, you ask? Well, aren’t you the nosy one.

I’m scared of lifestyle inflation.

One minute I’m paying a total of $25 a month for voice calls and using an iPod touch with no data plan – its access to the internet is only through WiFi – and the next I’ll have an expensive iPhone, I’ll be paying $45 a month for a data plan, and suddenly I won’t be able to imagine life without it. I won’t survive a day out without checking email and facebook. I won’t have a conversation without looking up some trivial point of interest. And I won’t want to.

This is my nightmare.

Right now I’m very happy not being connected all the time. Sure, maybe once every 5 days I think, “hmmm, this day would work so much more smoothly if I had a smartphone right now,” but I get over it pretty quickly. Many days I leave the house without my dumbphone and, though mildly annoying, it’s not a disaster. So… why mess with a good thing?

The major upside (aside from mobile internet capability) is that I’d only have to remember one device instead of two. It seems that one is the most I can keep track of consistently, and I use my telephone so infrequently that it gets forgotten most often. Then again, if I use it so infrequently then why do I need an expensive iPhone? Why not just carry the iPod around all the time like I already do?

And so it swirls round in my head. I’ve already wasted way too much time debating this, so I’m turning it over to you, the internets. Please comment and tell me what you think. I need to hear from voices outside my head for a change.

6 Comments to “Afraid of the iPhone…”

  1. I have a cheap phone with no data plan ( and crappy interface) and an ipod touch. I have for years and years. Way cheaper. Downside- 2 things to carry, remember and charge instead of one. My purse is a bit heavy.

  2. I don’t even have a cellphone. So what I’m saying is, I understand, but I have no advice.

  3. This voice outside your head is, alas, the same voice: I’m going through a similar swirl. Thanks for posting your ponderings.

  4. Don’t get a smartphone. I have one and it’s made me dumber. Now I keep the internet off most of the day. I’m only on day 3 but I really like it so far. I like myself better these days too.

  5. The question before you is: will it improve your over-all quality of life or will it detract from it? My guess is that it will not improve what you already have. For me, the iPhone makes sense on several levels. It is accessible out of the box which is awesomesauce, can function as a GPS if I need it, can keep me connected when I don’t have my computer to hand, and generally makes me happy. It also functions as a personal number that I can use while living with my folks. Since I got it in September, I’ve seen no downside. But that’s me! For a person who’s blind, having an accessible anything in this world can be difficult at the best of times, so now that Apple’s really stepped up to the plate, it makes me happy! As far as I’m concerned, your iPod is likely just fine.

  6. I have a dumb phone too. Whenever I pull it out at work, people look at me funny. They are amazed at my lack of technology. I, however, am perfectly fine with my cell phone, and I use it to…call people! I do use the alarm clock to help me keep up with my scheduled breaks and such, but other than that, I am happy to be unplugged!

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