Another gift for another boy who has everything

by Decemberbaby

Doesn’t the title pretty much say it all?

The invitation was for a Lego-themed fourth birthday party. Ostensibly this is a gift for the child, but I also think it’s a neat gift for the mother: she’ll thank me at 2 in the morning when she doesn’t puncture the sole of her foot on a pointy Lego piece. These neat little drawstring bags, made from a tutorial over at Make it and Love it, are perfect for storing all of the tiny little treasures a Lego aficionado can collect. I made a set of four in graduated sizes and various colourful prints.

A birthday wish for the child mother: may your child actually use these bags for good (storing Lego pieces) and not for evil (trapping the pet hamster.)


2 Comments to “Another gift for another boy who has everything”

  1. They look amazing! Hmmm, I have never sewn vinyl before, but I think I may have to give it a try. Do you need to change any settings on your machine? Different needles?

  2. Eeek! Transparent LEGO storage bags…brilliant. They could even hang somewhere, Shaker style.

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