Whee! Fun! Ow!

by Decemberbaby

Tonight I took Mr. December on a date… to a trampoline club. Just Bounce has a drop-in class on Fridays and Saturday evenings, which is just my style – high fun, low commitment.

It was a blast. I discovered that I’m actually quite flexible (Mr. December is slightly less so) and coordinated. Could my mother have been right about the lifelong benefits of early ballet training? In just under an hour I mastered the tuck jump, straddle jump, pike jump, seat drop, and doggie drop, and then my crowning achievement – a seat drop coming back up to a half turn. It was awesome. *I* was awesome.

Sadly, awesomeness comes at a price. I think I might have given myself whiplash. I landed too far forward on a doggie drop and my upper back and neck did a bit of a crazy, well, whip-lash type movement. I’m typing this with the thermophore wrapped around my neck. I think I’ll take a muscle relaxant before I go to sleep. Ow.

Know what? I’d still recommend trampolining. It’s fun. It’s a great workout, even for those of us who routinely bike 15k with a 100 pound bike and 50-80 pounds of kids in under 30 minutes. I can see how I’d be way stronger overall if I did this on a regular basis. Maybe I should… as soon as my neck and shoulders stop hurting.

One Comment to “Whee! Fun! Ow!”

  1. Adults playing is the best!!! Once my back heals (again) I think Sariel and I will give this a whirl!!! Thanks for the tip!

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