Bloggus Interruptus

by Decemberbaby

I’m sewing and thinking and blogging, not necessarily all at once. And I can’t wait to tell you that I’ve just articulated one of my most successful life strategies: if you can’t be the best at something, be the only one at something. That’s how I came in second in my age class in the 2000 (I think) Kingston Half-Triathlon (there were two of us.) Anyhow, I’m about to tell you about how I used this same strategy when I became a violist and got to travel to Vienna with –


Mr. December is standing in the doorway to my workshop and pointing to the stairs. I sew another seam.


We’ve been trying to get to bed on time, but we’re both terrible at it. Tonight he’s being the bad cop. Sometimes I am, and sometimes –


Um, I guess I’d better sign off now. Do you have a bedtime? Early or late? Is it easy or hard for you to discipline yourself to get to bed on time?


One Comment to “Bloggus Interruptus”

  1. Once (famous in family history!) I went up to the sewing room and said “Mom, the toaster’s on fire.” “Just one more seam,” she said. “MOM!!” I said. “The TOASTER! It is ON! FIRE!” “Oh… okay… just a minute…”

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