by Decemberbaby

As promised, here are the adorable pixie hats I made for R and N this week. I wanted to show you the mittens as well, but it was a really mild day today, so neither of them wanted to wear the mittens during our photo shoot. An early-morning outing with R proved that she can’t remove them, though, and I’m pleased about that.

Onward to pictures…

Some people have said this hat makes N look like a raindrop. Our nanny, on the other hand, calls R “smurfette.”

Each hat is fully lined. It’s microfleece on the outside and cotton knit on the inside. R’s is lined with a waffle-knit cotton print, and N’s is lined with t-shirt Jersey cotton repurposed from an old maternity t-shirt.

I made the hats a little too big, so that the kids can grow into them. It’s only obvious when you see them from the back. The back of the hat is supposed to be snug against the baby’s neck. Oh, and the hat shouldn’t gape around N’s cheek like that. Oh well… I’m sure by the end of the winter these hats will fit perfectly!

For me the fabulous thing about this hat (aside from its immense cuteness) is that it covers the ears and the back of the neck, but allows the child freedom of movement – crucial for turning to look at fascinating trees or looking up to see the birds in flight. Oh, and the hat stays on.

… and a gratuitous shot of my cutie pie in her cute pixie hat.

If you want one of these for yourself or your child, you can find the free PDF pattern (by the talented Meg McElwee) over at Sew Liberated.


3 Comments to “Hats!”

  1. Squeee! Cuteness!! Although sadly I suspect if I made one for myself (not that I need to, we live somewhere that never gets cold enough for this sort of hat) it might not be quite so cute… 😉 But awesome on your kids!

  2. The hats are adorable and your babies are gorgeous.

  3. Great job.. so cute and I’m sure they will keep you little ones toasty!

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