Frustration… and another summertime project.

by Decemberbaby

I’ve just spent the last three hours in my workshop, developing a pattern for my tiny torah design. Three hours, and all I’ve figured out is the proper pattern shape for the handles (trying to make them a bit more realistic.) Oh, and also that it is possible to sew the scroll parts inside out so the seams don’t show, and then flip it around. For some reason that method has eluded me for the past two years, but I think I’ve conquered it.

My goal is to be able to sell a PDF pattern to those people who want to sew a tiny toy torah, but who don’t have the patience for trial and error that my tutorial requires. The tutorial will remain up – I assume that some people really would rather have me do the measuring and so forth and therefore would gladly pay a few dollars for a pattern, and some people will just want to jump in and wing it with a tutorial as my guide. It’s all good.

In the meantime, though, it’s not so good. My hands hurt from wrestling with the fabric and the machine, and I’m wondering why the thread keeps getting caught in the bobbin casing. I suspect it’s time to go to bed.

For your amusement tonight, here’s a photo of the teacher gifts we gave at the end of last year:

See you tomorrow!

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