What I did on my summer “vacation”: hats

by Decemberbaby

As we’ve previously discussed, stay-at-home moms don’t get summer vacation. Summer is my busy season, and now that the kids are back at school (N is in a toddler program this year – more on that later, on my other blog.) I have more time for sewing, blogging, etc. That being said, I did manage a bit of sewing over the past few months, and I’m pleased to share my projects with you through this weekend.

So much of my sewing begins with a problem to be solved. This time, my kids had outgrown their baby hats and needed something cute to put on their heads. Armed with a free pattern (will link to it soon) and some adorable fabric from Sew Sisters, I whipped up a few hats one day. Then we went to the park.

The hats are reversible, as you can see in the last two (not fabulous) photos. What’s truly awesome, though, is that I figured out how to make the strap reversible as well. Okay, maybe “reversible” isn’t the right word, but I figured out a way for the strap to be usable on either side of the hat without it pulling the brim flat against the child’s ears (a pet peeve of mine.) Maybe one day I’ll post a tutorial for that.

In the meantime, one child is screaming and the other is waiting very patiently to watch Mickey Mouse on my computer, so I must go. Come back again soon – I’ll be deciding on (and announcing) specific days that I’ll post every week.

… and how was your summer?

2 Comments to “What I did on my summer “vacation”: hats”

  1. Definitely post that pattern please! Very cute hats!

  2. Those hats are great!
    Thanks for linking up. 🙂

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