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We interrupt this lull to bring you… my life.

People keep asking me how I’m enjoying my summer vacation. It surprises me every time. I’m a mom. I don’t get summer vacation. Summer is my busy season – no school, later bedtime for the kids, earlier wake-ups (I have a love-hate relationship with the long summer days,) the garden, day trips… I’m busy. I can’t wait for school to start, not because I don’t enjoy my children’s company, but because I’ll actually have time do get things done in increments greater than ten minutes. Oh, and I might get enough time to myself to do something decadent, like going back to Weight Watchers (yes, I’ve fallen off the wagon and am crawling back on, shamefaced, seven pounds heavier.)

And yet, I get a fair number of things done. Without further ado, here’s my list of


1. I fished N’s pyjama pants out of the kitchen wall vent. The vent has now been covered.

2. I managed a Lowe’s run in under 20 minutes. Also, everybody there greeted me by name and asked about my current projects.

3. The construction worker who stands at the end of our street to stop cars from entering told me that she always recognizes me (and therefore moves the pylons aside) because I always smile at her.

4. Our garage is now clean and empty of anything we’re not currently using.

5. I biked about 30 minutes today. So much better than driving.


I feel lonely out here in the big, cold internet. Leave me a comment:

What do you feel great about today?  And

If I have limited blogging time, what kinds of things would you rather I blogged about? Crafty stuff? My life? Deep thoughts?

10 thoughts on “We interrupt this lull to bring you… my life.

  1. Hello! You are not alone! I am here!
    I feel great about helping a new mom who was having nursing problems latch on.
    I like all the options to blog about, do I have to pick one? I really enjoy your menu planning and maybe you could share your binder idea? Totally awesome!

  2. “3. The construction worker who stands at the end of our street to stop cars from entering told me that she always recognizes me (and therefore moves the pylons aside) because I always smile at her.” That made me feel great and I wasn’t even involved!

  3. I like all the stuff you blog about – I’ve learned a lot from you. If I had to pick I’d say the deep thought are my favorite, but I like stuff you write about parenting too.

  4. Wow, if even one of those things happened to me today I would feel great. You must feel ecstatic! And you probably also make the construction worker feel great, which I think is phenomenal. If more people smiled at strangers, well. The world would be better.

    I say blog about whatever comes to mind, whatever moves you. Or, if nothing moves you, make up a silly poem, or a list, or do a book review. That’s what I do when I’m at a loss. It gets the juices flowing.

  5. Late nights…early mornings…no time to yourself…your summer sounds just like my summer!!

    I am feeling good about just making it through the day with no screaming and very minimal crying. 🙂

    Definitely looking forward to September!

  6. Very impressive! I’m gonna go with deep thoughts and you’re life… (only because I’m about as crafty as a goldfish). Also, I love hearing about your Jewish musings.

  7. Hey, finally WordPress is letting me comment! Yay. It has eaten quite a few of my comments recently. Personally I like your mix of deep thoughts, life, and craftiness just as it is! And also all the Montessori ideas over on the other blog. I feel like what I do already is consonant with many aspects of Montessori, and in other ways I have a lot to learn. What I am dying to know is: how exactly do you get things done with the littler kiddos even during the school year? I mean, people ask me the same thing all the time, but you seem to be have a better balance of it during the week. I have been feeling pretty burnt out by Shabbat and I don’t like the feeling of needing to tune out instead of in to my child especially then. On Sunday I am chomping at the bit to get a little time to myself to accomplish a project with an assist from my husband or mom.

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