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The backpack

I don’t fully understand my children’s obsession with bags and backpacks. As someone who avoids carrying a purse whenever possible, I just don’t get why they want to walk around with a bag on their backs when they don’t have to. But no matter, it’s their choice.

The other thing I don’t completely identify with? The need for parents to give their child birthday gifts for their first and second birthdays. The first time someone asked, “What are you giving K for her first birthday?” I guffawed and replied, “I gave her life.”  Really, the kids don’t know it’s their birthday.

But we do. And so, as the end of June approached, I decided I would give N something handmade… a backpack. I scoured the internet for patterns, failed to find one that was both simple enough and fancy enough, and designed my own.

N loves it. See how proud he is?

He wears it constantly. Don’t you agree that gardening is much easier when you have a backpack with a zippered pocket?

It’s also great for urban “nature hikes”…

And cavorting with his big sister.

It’s the perfect size – big enough for a board book and some crackers, and small enough to prevent him from packing up a load that’s too heavy for his little body. And it has trucks on it. Or as N says… “truck. back. pack.”

Know what else it’s good for? Stumping blog readers. It was item #2 in my giveaway post. Remember this?

Yup, that’s Orit’s “oatmeal belt.” What looks like oatmeal is actually a digger full of dirt.

I predict this backpack has plenty of adventures ahead of it. Good luck, little backpack. With N as your owner, you’ll need it!

7 thoughts on “The backpack

  1. Very cool backpack! I made Bug one that attaches to a leash, but he carries cars around in it. You never know when you might need to stow something important in your bag.

    We gave Bug a bamboo toy car with big wheels for his first birthday. And by birthday I mean that in the same month-ish we thought, hey, maybe he’d like a car. And for his second… we had a playdate with carrot muffins. This year we gave him some more giant Lego things and, er, some paint. Plus a bathrobe that I haven’t finished yet.

  2. I love this! I love his little determined march, as he goes off to accomplish all his important tasks. Precious. I’m also not a fan of celebrating b-days too soon. Why raise the bar unnecessarily? But I suppose with the younger siblings, they will want things sooner. We’ll see. I’m open. And the backpack is SO fabulous. Kol hakavod!

  3. That is Awesome! My child is only 5 but I can’t even remember her first birthday beyond the fact that I made a cake with a 1 on it… so I’m pretty sure she doesn’t remember much about it either! 🙂

  4. Adorable, and great to see you on Craft Schooling Sunday! Even my big kids don’t have any idea really that birthdays are associated with presents, (and only tiny gifts seem to the the norm here), they think birthdays mean cake and decorations!

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