So, who won?

by Decemberbaby

It seems that in all the mishegas of getting rear-ended and looking for a new car, I forgot to announce winners for my first ever giveaway. To be perfectly honest, not many of you were willing to hazard a guess… so I’ve decided that, in a way, all three of you are winners. But in another, more accuarate way…

… Orit is the winner. Not because she was right about each of the pictures (nobody was,) but because she made me laugh with her suggestion of “Oatmeal Belt.” Seriously, I laughed so hard I almost choked on my oatmeal. Good thing Orit lives nearby and is a doctor and could therefore have saved my life. Making me laugh is dangerous, y’all. Anyhow, Orit wins a toy torah for her kids… and an oatmeal belt. I’ve never made one before, but after an answer like that, how could I not?

In second place we have BallisticMushu, who was very, very close with her guess of “sandbox.” BallisticMushu wins two hours of my time, during which I will lovingly pad and upholster a toddler bed (her husband will build the frame before I get there) in her toddler’s choice of fabric.

Honourable mention goes to Elizabeth. I haven’t yet decided on her prize (Elizabeth, any suggestions?) but it will probably be something sewn.

Oh, bedtime. I will post photos of the real answers, but not now. I’m tired.

Congratulations to all the winners… and to the rest of you, comment more often. You might win something 🙂

4 Comments to “So, who won?”

  1. YAY! I have never won anything before. I am most excited about the oatmeal belt.

  2. LOL! Besamim packet is also cool! You are a dear!

  3. Aaah! Still in suspense! Thanks for the honorable mention! Since we live in Albania, I’m wondering if it’s really feasible for you to send me a prize – maybe I’ll defer to whomever is your top commenter? It was fun to play 🙂

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