Dear automakers and brochure copy writers…

by Decemberbaby

I love the exhaustive list of a vehicle’s features. Honestly, though, you could definitely edit the list so that customers don’t have to search for the stuff that matters. I’d suggest not bothering to mention such features as: “Door Ajar, low fuel, and driver and passenger seat belt indicators.” ‘Cause you know, every car has that. Ditto door map pockets and cup holders. And, you know, DOORS.

And another thing: why do I have to go up an entire trim level just to get a power liftgate? I want one, but there’s no way I’ll pay seven thousand dollars for it. I mean really, how stupid do you think we are?

(Answer: “apparently, very.”)

“Wheels? The brochure doesn’t list wheels for this model. You want wheels, you gotta move up to our BS model, that’ll get you some wheels.”


One Comment to “Dear automakers and brochure copy writers…”

  1. Don’t knock it… four years ago when we were in the market for a little car, we test drove about 6 or 7 different models. In fact, on of the ones we test drove did NOT have cupholders. We were told that they were an option on that model; if we wanted them we could either buy the model up (for an extra $4K) or we could find some after-market solution that worked. Needless to say, we didn’t buy that vehicle. Makes me think twice about ever going back to test drive another one too!

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