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I’ve been busy.

No, really. It’s not a blogging excuse. With the start of summer vacation, a heat wave, and N’s birthday all coinciding, I’ve been churning out projects left, right, and centre. I have a whole pile more in the queue. And I really want to post all of those projects, and I will, but it’s almost bedtime. So for you, dear readers, a guessing game: can you identify each of my recent projects?







Let’s make it interesting: whoever can guess them all correctly (or if nobody guesses correctly whoever is closest) wins… something handmade by me! Probably something small, but something. Leave your guesses in the comments.

Fine print: certain friends of mine have already seen these projects and are therefore, unfortunately, not eligible to win. Jennifer, Lisa, and Lisa… I’m looking at you.

5 thoughts on “I’ve been busy.

  1. #1 outdoor table, #2 patented oatmeal belt (because it’s hard to stay seated when you’re eating a great bowl of oatmeal) #3 coat of many colors. for N, I mean J. #4: organizer for thread

  2. Drat! I was about to guess the 1st two, based solely on having seen the second and being told about the first… and I never win ANYTHING, either. šŸ™‚

  3. Um – the kids’ table you’ve been working on, a portable picnic basket/picnic blanket combo, a down-filled comforter, and an organizer for your sewing supplies!

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