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Work-in-Progress Wednesday: the no-progress edition

You know how the second you’re really gung ho about a project, one of your tools just up and dies on you? Yeah. My sewing machine did that last Thursday.

I tried fixing it myself. I opened it up and cleaned it and oiled it and closed it back. But the darn thing just wouldn’t work!

So there I was, with lots of stuff to sew and no way to sew it. It was a low point, that’s for sure. Add that frustration to the fact that R slept very little (and kept me awake) most nights, and you can see why absolutely no progress has been made this week.

You know what, I’m not even doing the project-by-project account of how little progress has been made. I’ll just leave you with this sad picture of (exhausted) me and K’s half-finished (and slightly mangled) bike shorts:

Off to pick up my sewing machine from the repairman. What are you hoping do get done this week?

4 thoughts on “Work-in-Progress Wednesday: the no-progress edition

  1. I don’t think those are going to fit you… or her…? I think you have to decide whose they are and go with it – unless you’ve got some amazing super-duper fabric there.

  2. Your blog is great, and I love your girafe quilt. Very cute! It was nice to meet you today in the store. I remember those sleep deprived days and I am sorry you had to wait as long as you did for your fabric, waiting is so much worse when you are tired.

    1. Thanks for commenting! No worries, it was pretty obvious that you were doing your best under the circumstances. Besides, anytime I’ve been to Sew Sisters I’ve received fabulous personal attention and advice, so having to wait once in a while is bearable 🙂

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