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Work-in-Progress Wednesday – mental health day edition

I am severely sleep deprived, and it’s starting to show. This morning I woke up (that’s too strong a term for what happened, actually. Let’s say I achieved consciousness) and realized that my limbs felt heavy and my speech was really slow. I made Mr. December drive K to school (anyone who is sleep deprived has no business driving a car, in my opinion, although I understand the necessity of driving sometimes) and I went back to sleep. I just need to catch up before I really make a mess of things – for the past five days I’ve had a case of what I call “the stupids”, which means that I was aware that my decision making abilities were way, way off – or seriously yell at the kids for all the little things that are driving me nuts right now (why are there stickers on everything? Why does K need to hoard toys and then haul them all over the house? And so on.)

Right. So it’s “restore my mental health” day today, which seems fitting since yesterday I found this door while on my way to an appointment:

I definitely need to get my hands on that key. In the meantime, here’s my progress for the week:

In Progress: choosing my apps

I really, really like Remember the Milk. I like it enough that I bought the Pro version. It’s a bit like a hybrid between a calendar and a to-do list, and it lets you tag things, set priorities, schedule tasks, set deadlines, postpone… and to-do items can have notes attached, so if my to-do is to phone someone, I can have all my information right there – telephone number, what we need to talk about, reference numbers, etc. It’s really awesome. Even better is the fact that I can use it on my iPod and on my Mac, so I can organize lists and notes on my Mac so that the typing gets done faster, and then sync it with my iPod to be able to refer to it throughout the day.

Yesterday was the first day that I organized myself with RTM, and it went very, very smoothly. I got everything done. Even more amazingly, I was able to see that I really have no spare time in my day, and I could see how long it will be before all my items actually get done, and so I was much more able to say “no” to new commitments.

I’d still like a month-at-a-time calendar view. I think I should be able to sync it to my iCal, but I’m not sure. I’ll play around with that this week.

In Progress: weight watchin’

I’m up two pounds this week, and I know exactly why: when I’m exhausted but circumstances dictate that I can’t (or shouldn’t) sleep, I eat to keep myself awake. Also, I was exceptionally testy on Shabbat and so had Mr. December go out on Saturday night and get me some cookie dough and some ice cream. I ate all of it.

I’m hoping to make this week a better week, but there’s only one thing I can prioritize at a time, and right now it has to be sleep.

In Progress: Upcycling clothes!

I have a whole lot of t-shirts stashed in my workshop. In (seemingly) unrelated news, most of K’s stretchy play dresses have seen better days. This week I’m going to make her some play dresses (and matching bike shorts to wear under them) out of my old shirts. Wish me luck!

So nu, what are you up to this week?

3 thoughts on “Work-in-Progress Wednesday – mental health day edition

  1. I am down this week too. I keep reminding myself that it is the lack of sun as I am solar powered. This was a two boxes of doughnuts week for me. =) I just focused on putting down some of the balls I am juggling this week to make life easier. I am also repeating to myself, not all is lost, I just fell this week, I can get up. Keep your head up, the sun is coming back out!

  2. Sara – hang in there – there’s nothing more maddening than needing sleep but being unable to get it. I hear you about yelling at the kids for dumb things. Been there and done that! We’re moving this week and I”m in similar boat but I finally caved and sent the little 2 to grandma and papa’s until Sunday because the stress of back and forth to 2 houses was weighing on them too, which was making me even more stressed out!
    I LOVE upcycling clothes and do it for my kiddos all the time – I would LOVE to know if you have a pattern or tops on doing the bike shorts b/c I have tshirts in my stash and Tess could sure use some under-dress-wear type clothing! WE should sew sometime!
    miss you! take care!

  3. Ah, sleep deprivation. That can be brutal. This week, I’m checking a few things off my to-do list for music projects, and making lists for other projects to do. Also, I need to get sandals for my oldest. Basically, I’m just trying to get it together in a organized way. And so far, so good. We’ll see how it is by the end of the week. Good luck with your mental health recuperation, and on getting sleep!

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