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Menu Plan Monday – “Out of the rut” edition

We’re getting so tired of the usual meals. Mr. December is agitating for an “experimental” dinner once a week (I talked him down to biweekly.) I’m feeling stuck because I’ve been trying to do more vegetarian stuff, but often meat is just so much easier (and quicker,) not to mention the fact that a plain piece of grilled meat is about as Weight-Watchers friendly as it gets. What’s the issue? If you’ve ever bought kosher meat (and inwardly compared it to the price of non-kosher meat) you’d understand. If you never have, let me just say: double price, if not more.

But I’ve been instructed by Mr. December not to worry about that while I’m trying so hard to lose weight, so our meal plans might be a bit more meat-heavy for a while.

Here we go…

Monday – (Mr. December isn’t home until late, and I can eat salad later, so…) Pancakes with strawberries and oranges

Tuesday – Chicken shish kebab, saffron rice

Wednesday – (Experimental night!) Baked tilapia with tomato and basil, garlic mashed potatoes

Thursday – (Yom Ha’atzma’ut, Israel’s independence day) Falafel, pita, hummus, Israeli salad, babaghanouj

Friday – Challah, carrot-ginger soup, stuffed schnitzel roll-ups, rice, roasted root vegetables, fruit, some kind of dessert

Saturday – leftovers from Friday

Sunday – Roast chicken sandwiches on home-made rosemary focaccia

Monday – (Monday again? already?) Pasta with meatless sauce

Hm. Not too bad, plenty of things we haven’t had in a while. What haven’t you made in a while (that you really love)? What are you eating this week?

Still not sure what you’re making for dinner? Get inspired by the other posters at Organizing Junkie’s Menu Plan Monday.

4 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday – “Out of the rut” edition

  1. I don’t cook or eat meat and find it fairly easy to cook vegetarian meals (which are also dairy free, soy free and gluten free). I keep lots of beans and lentils on hand at home and create different veggie burgers, stews,salads etc. Most things can be made or at least prepped the night before so dinners are quick. I would think that meatless dishes would be WW friendly as long as you don’t rely too much on cheese or creamy sauces. I like the recipes on the Oh She Glows and Choosing Raw blogs. I get a lot of inspiration from them!

  2. There’s just no time in my life for cooking. I made a huge chickpea stew on Sunday and we will be eating it all week. I’ll also bake a fish at some point, and steam broccoli. And voila! There’s dinner for the week.

  3. sounds yummy! I would still love you guys to come for Shabbat lunch if you can?
    We are having, Lentil soup, homemade pizza, beans and rice, baked lentils with cheese, salad with homemade croutons, For Shabbat. Challah, Lasangne and big salad, Shabbat lunch, peppered salmon, israeli salad, pasta salad, colslaw, beet salad, moroccan carrots and maybe brownies?

  4. We’re cleaning out our freezer because we’re loving internationally, so we’re eating a lot of “tv dinners” (leftovers packaged on a plate ready for microwaving).

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