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Wrapping up the week (and a half) in sixty seconds

Alas, another week has gone by without the time to post.

I rebuilt my table for greater stability (and prettier legs,) then painted the base.

I took my kids outside to play a few times.

I finally cleared all the clutter and passover boxes off the dining room table.

I ordered some specialty fabrics I was supposed to get.

I figured out what to give my little brother (29!) for his birthday. Haven’t bought it yet, though.

Took R for her six month checkup, and got K started with a speech therapist.

And every evening I sat down and said, “I just want to catch up on blogs and facebook, then I’ll write,” and subsequently realized that my brain was too fried to blog.

And here we are. The challah is almost done and we’re off to Shabbat dinner at my parents’. I’m going offline again for Shabbat, so I suppose we’ll catch up either tomorrow night or on Sunday… I have so much to tell you!

Shabbat Shalom.

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