Menu plan Monday

Menu Plan Monday – April 2 edition

Okay, this is it: three more dinners until Passover.

My cupboards are relatively bare, which means that we could probably squeak by for another week or two without buying any nonperishables. There’s just enough flour left for a pizza crust and some pancakes. There are two pitas in the fridge and we won’t replace them when they’re gone. I’m really winding down here, and it shows. Our dinners are just going to be weird this week.

Since I plan to shop today and then not again until after Pesach, I’m also posting my menu plan for the week of Passover. It’s designed to use a minimum of special Passover foods, which are expensive and often unnecessary.

Okay, here we go:

Monday: fluffernutter sandwiches on saltines (told you it was going to be weird!)

Tuesday: my homemade kosher knock-off of Lipton noodles n sauce, made with remaining egg noodles. For the grownups, vegetarian “chili” – a can of black beans mixed with a jar of salsa, topped with tomatoes and grated cheese.

Wednesday: homemade pizza

Thursday: going out to eat, because by then everything will be cleaned for Passover and I don’t want crumbs.

Passover menu plan

Friday: first seder at my parents

Saturday: second seder at my parents

Sunday: crustless spinach & feta quiche, salad, matzo with babaghanouj (homemade)

Monday: Baked potato pizzas

Tuesday: Moroccan chicken, citrus-nut quinoa

Wednesday:eggplant parmesan

Thursday: meatballs in sauce, mashed potatoes

Friday: Roasted turkey breast, sweet potatoes, broccoli

Saturday: Chicken shish kebabs, salads, homemade french fries

Sunday: Chametz!

I went and bought all the cheeses, milk, and eggs at Shoppers just now – after redeeming some points I came away with four bags of shredded cheese, a package of sheep’s milk feta, 8 litres of milk, two dozen eggs, a tub of cream cheese, and a bottle of grated parmsan. I paid a grand total of $14.00 out of pocket. Even better, now I can avoid the kosher dairy aisle (which I expect will be just slightly mobbed this week, what with all the people who don’t normally buy kosher cheese suddenly buying them because of Pesach.)

No time for chitchat today – I need to make my grocery list and then hit the supermarket before picking K up from school. I’ll take her with me to the butcher shop, though – they give her a lollipop every time. She’d hate to miss it.

Still not sure what you’re making for dinner tonight? Check out Menu Plan Monday over at Organizing Junkie.


2 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday – April 2 edition

  1. i don’t post my menus but if i did, this week would look just as weird. especially the “we’re eating out cuz i don’t want crumbs” on Thursday!

    Sounds yummy! Chag Sameach!

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