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Menu Plan Monday – countdown to Passover – March 26 edition

It’s T minus ten days (give or take) and I need to get serious about using up all the non-Passover stuff. This morning I used an entire loaf of bread to make French Toast. Starting tomorrow it’s oatmeal for breakfast every morning and cold cereal for snacks.

Monday – Pasta with meatless sauce (from the freezer)

Tuesday – Baked chicken, rice

Wednesday – Egg-fried rice, edamame, broccoli

Thursday – Tandoori chickpeas (tandoori sauce from the freezer), rice, cucumber salad

Friday – Challah, broccoli-cheddar quiche (from the freezer), Greek salad, rice pudding for dessert

Saturday -going out to friends!

Sunday – Chicken sandwiches on homemade focaccia with sauteed veggie toppings and garlic aioli, bean salad

Wow. I don’t need to buy anything except for tomatoes and fruit. Whee!

Stay tuned for next week, when I reveal my menu plan for the week of Passover.

Not sure what you’re having for dinner this week? Check out Organizing Junkie for the rest of the Menu Plan Monday submissions.

BTW, does anybody have a really good recipe for rice pudding?

3 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday – countdown to Passover – March 26 edition

  1. For rice pudding (dairy free) – I take leftover brown rice, put it in a pot and cover rice with coconut milk, cook for 20 mins or so on low/med heat, stirring every so often, add sweetener of choice, cinnamon, vanilla, raisins. Really yummy!!

  2. I have one for coconut milk rice pudding- as above, but also with egg, apricot, dates, and nutmeg; also, baked in the oven. And I don’t think I’ve ever made it with brown rice. 🙂 It is, as it happens, our Pesach breakfast.

  3. Thanks for the menu ideas; I’ve been feeling a little tapped out. Time for me to make a list and go to the store. Those rice pudding recipes sound yummmmmmy. I usually just take cooked rice, add ricemilk, cinnamon, some butter (or Earth Balance Margarine), raisins, and stir. It’s simple, quick, and tasty.

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