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Cleaning #Exodusgram

I think this idea originated with Ima on (and off) the Bima. Essentially, it’s a meme where bloggers (or tweeters, or whatever) post photos or short essays on themes related to Passover and the Exodus – one theme each day. Here’s my contribution on the theme of “cleaning”:

Yes, that's flour. And yes, that's K. I've been waiting 3 years to use this picture!

In related news, the inside of my fridge (minus the door trays) has been cleaned for pesach. I lined the shelves with plastic so that on erev pesach I can just remove the food, remove the plastic, and – ta dah! – the fridge will be kosher for pesach. Now, on to the rest of my (flour-coated) house…

4 thoughts on “Cleaning #Exodusgram

  1. Omigosh! Fantastic! I cannot imagine how awful that clean-up would be. And before Pesach! This hear our family is leaving town, so I didn’t fuss with the whole clean-up as we will be gone for the entire duration. Kinda noice that it worked out that way. Have matzah. Will travel. 😉

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