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Oh gosh, I forgot…

It’s Purim next week, and I’d almost forgotten. Well, not forgotten about Purim, just forgotten how soon it would be here… so I started thinking about decorations and decided that it’s stupid to buy or make paper decorations that just get torn down and thrown out every year. Yesterday I sat down and made a fabric streamer (I love streamers) in rainbow colours. The best part? I used up some scraps of fabric that were too small for other projects. I don’t have a photo of it and it’s getting a bit close to shabbat, but I promise to post pics of my streamers sometime on Sunday.

We have guests for shabbat tonight – another family with three kids – and I wanted all the kids to be able to sit comfortably, so I rushed to finish the construction of my table. I’m pleased with the results and looking forward to applying the finish (although realistically that won’t happen until after Purim.) In the meantime, here’s a peek at my table in all its unsanded, unfinished glory:

I don’t know what it is about Shabbat that makes me rush down to the workshop and fire up a sewing machine or power drill, but this isn’t my first last-minute project. Last month I made a table runner out of some sari fabric my MIL brought home from India. I was supposed to have a dress made from it, but if it hasn’t happened in the five years since her trip, it’s probably not happening at all. Anyhow, it looks fabulous on our shabbat table, which is why we’re using it again this week. Have a look:

I hope your weekend is as beautiful, as nourishing, and as filled with love as our shabbat table is. Shabbat Shalom!

4 thoughts on “Oh gosh, I forgot…

  1. Lovely! One day I will overcome my fear of spinning pointy sharp things (i.e. saws) and do some real construction. Until then the spouse cuts everything for me. I’m okay with drills and routers, but table saws? SHUDDER.

  2. You MADE a TABLE? I must have missed the very important fact that you operate power tools. I’m extremely impressed. And now jealous.
    The sari tablecloth is beautiful. I’d be terrified of mustard stains, tea stains, coffee stains and every other possible dinner stain.

    1. You know what? I was too, and decided to go for it since nothing lasts forever and our table might as well be pretty… and then I discovered that it washes out beautifully on the gentle cycle of our washing machine. Live and learn!

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