What I did on my blog-free staycation

by Decemberbaby

Okay, it wasn’t a staycation. More like a vacation from the blog. Anyhow, I did what any sane, exhausted, still-coughing mother-of-three would do: I made a quilt.

Wanna see it? Of course you do!

It’s a basketweave quilt with some extra sashing to make it a bit bigger. Have I mentioned that this is the first real quilt I’ve ever made? It took me about 9 hours including designing and making this:

Yep, it’s my very own label. For those who can’t read it, it says “sewn by Sara”. Now that I know how to make these, they’ll be added to everything I sew.  How cool is that?

So the front of the quilt is cotton. The back is a fabulously soft minkee-type fabric in a tye-dye pattern, in the same turquoise colour as the binding:

Here’s a close-up of the sashing fabric – it’s a Noah’s ark theme with animals peeking out of little portholes. You can also see the binding (striped stuff around the edge) that I made all by myself:

My mum always asks “where did you learn to do this?”

As usual, the answer is: “the internet.” Thanks to a couple of free tutorials online, I was able to whip this up correctly the first time. Here they are:

The inspiration and step-by-step instructions for the basketweave design came from about.com’s site for beginning quilters.

Ashley over at Make it and Love it has a knack for making the most intimidating projects easy to understand and do. Here’s her guide to piecing and binding a quilt.

I made my own fabric labels by printing directly onto the fabric with my inkjet printer. Instructions for how to do it successfully can be found over at Matsutake. Sorry for the lack of link, but for some reason Blogger won’t display the page at all right now. I’m sure it’ll be back online soon.

So that’s it. My entire weekend summed up in a 28″x25″ baby quilt. Too bad it’s a gift: I’d like to take it to bed for a snuggle.

One Comment to “What I did on my blog-free staycation”

  1. wow, very nice! thanks so much for sharing on Craft Schooling Sunday!

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