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Work-in-Progress Wednesday: “Should I bother?” edition

Apparently it’s been a few weeks since the last WIP Wednesday, possibly the same few weeks it’s been since I was last feeling relatively healthy. So I begin with an important question: should I even bother with WIP Wednesday anymore, or should I just post projects as I go along? I’m on the fence. What do you think?

Anyhow, here’s the update on some of my stuff:

Completed: K’s kippah

Yes, it’s completed, which means that K put it on her head, proudly paraded around in it, and then put it somewhere. I haven’t seen it since. We’ll need to find it soon, because she needs it for shul (that’s another post for another time.)

In Progress: Weight Watchin’

All in all I’m down 11.4 pounds since the beginning of 2012. For those of you who are hating me right now, let me remind you that losing weight while breastfeeding AND feverish AND strep throat-y is a lot like fishing at a trout farm. You have to actually make an effort to be unsuccessful. As I get healthier I’ll have to start tracking what I eat again, which isn’t really a bad thing. I enjoyed my four weeks of fruit-and-veggie dominant eating, and I’ve been having way too much garbage the last two weeks (when I’m eating anything at all, that is. When I’m really sick all I want is juice.)

Still in progress: Photo books

I still haven’t finished the sampler photo book for my grandmother even though her ninety-second birthday has come and gone. Here’s a page I’m proud of, though – the cover page for N’s section:

I got a bit discouraged when the software program ate part of a recent layout, but I plan to get back into it. I should have some time alone on Sunday, so maybe I can do it then.

In Progress: Kids’ dining table!

All of the kids’ tables we have are too small. That is, there isn’t room for more than one or two kids to work, eat, or do anything else you might want to do at a table. So… I’m building my own. It will be 33 inches square, and I plan to stain the top and paint the legs and apron. I’ve been having fun with pocket holes and router bits… stay tuned for pics! I hope to finish assembling it by Friday, since we have a number of guests with little kids coming that night, and then I’ll work on the finish next week.

Well, that’s it. Don’t forget to tell me if WIP Wednesday is something you’d actually miss if I stopped posting it.

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