We interrupt this blog to sleep.

by Decemberbaby

Because we haven’t been sick enough already, I now have bronchitis and strep throat. N has a double ear infection. R has a phlegmy cough (but the doctor assures me that her chest sounds clear), and K’s nose is running like a faucet.

Oh, and our nanny quit.

I plan to go to bed and not blog again until I can sit up without feeling short of breath and nauseated. Thanks for understanding.


4 Comments to “We interrupt this blog to sleep.”

  1. My poor friend. Would you like dinner tonight? I have what to spare.
    perhaps a nice chicken soup?
    This is really the year of illness. I think that the winter is just not cold enough to kill of all the viruses. We have had quite a run ourselves with whooping cough, Pneumonia, broncilitis and so forth….
    Keep your chin up summer will come soon.
    Love ya,
    so sorry about your nanny.

  2. I’m not close enough to bring you dinner, but I am sending hugs. Sounds like you’re having a miserable few weeks. Sending love from the Valley.

  3. Your nanny quit???? Oh dear. Hope you can find some good help soon… and get well!

  4. Sorry to hear that your nanny quit — sounds like salt to the wound. Hopefully everyone’s feeling better. Something certainly spread from all the little ones to the parents in the Midwest.

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