Menu plan Monday

Menu Plan Monday – January 9 edition

This week is my first full week on Weight Watchers, so I’m even more inclined to plan than usual. Last week I actually used three (yes, three) freezer meals (two made by someone else, one made by me) and it was great, so I want to make some easy-freezy stuff this week to replenish my freezer.

For those clicking over from Menu Plan Monday, we’re a family of five – two adults, a preschooler, a toddler, and an infant. We’re blessed in that our kids will eat pretty much everything. Oh, and we’re kosher.

Monday – the kids are at the grandparents’ for dinner, Mr. December is at work late. I have no idea what I’m eating.

Tuesday – feta and spinach quiche (make 2, freeze 1), salad, bread

Wednesday – taco night (vegetarian – and I probably won’t eat the shells, but the filling is very yummy in a bowl with some cheese and veggies)

Thursday – Meatballs in sauce (big-batch cooking with a friend), egg noodles, broccoli

Friday – Shabbat dinner with my parents

Saturday – Citrus-nut couscous, moroccan glazed chicken breasts

Sunday – Lentil soup, pita, Greek salad

Hmm… there we go. Two meals that will be frozen for later, only two meat meals, and yummy food all week.

Question for my readers: What do you (and your family) love to eat for dinner? What recipes do you make that freeze well?

4 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday – January 9 edition

  1. Sounds great!!! If you have soft corn tortillas with your tacos you’ll ‘save’ some points – and they’re authentic and yummy!!! Chicken meatballs instead of beef are good as well!

    Sariel makes a very yummy slow cooker meal of beans (soaked for abt 24 hours) with a smoked turkey thigh (or something…I don’t cook!!!. Okay, just asked him for recipe: cover beans with water, smoked turkey thigh, molasses, dijon mustard, (optional: ?ketchup, ?maple syrup, ?ancho chile). Cook for about 10 hrs in slow cooker….tastes AMAZING!!! Freezes really well!!!!

    We eat a lot of quinoa as well…high protein, high fibre, freezes well, goes with almost anything!!!

    You are gonna do GREAT!!!!

    1. Yum… that sounds cool!

      Quinoa isn’t so much my favourite. I mostly just eat it on Pesach because it approximates the stuff we don’t eat.

      Thanks for being such an awesome cheerleader!

  2. Love couscous salads but never made one – what type of couscous do you use? (I’ve been meaning to try quinoa – I hear it’s a super-food!) A co-worker of mine gave me her greek-style lentil soup recipe and apparently the secret is to put one tablespoon of vinegar in at the end. I tried it and it really does bring out the flavour. I’ve used balsamic and cider vinegar and had the same effect.

    1. I use whole-wheat couscous. I’ve tried quinoa, but I don’t love the flavour.

      I’ve never heard of putting vinegar in the lentil soup. We usually add lemon juice right before serving. Does that do the same thing?

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