Work-in-Progress Wednesday – 3 minute edition

by Decemberbaby

3 Minutes, because that’s how long I have to churn this post out before it’s not Wednesday anymore!

I’ll just cut to the chase:

Completed: scavenger hunt and camping cake

Two of the items on my “in progress” list were specifically for K’s party, which was last Thursday. Here are some pics of some scavenger hunt items, well-hidden and ready for discovery:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As for the cake, here it is:

Strawberry chocolate-chip cake; chocolate icing topped with pareve oreo crumbs and brown sugar "dirt"; candy rock firepit, pretzel stick firewood, and gummy flames; flake bar logs; fabric tent with bamboo skewer frame.


Still in progress: A kippah for K

The kippah is actually the reason this post is late. I didn’t get to it this week – my intended sewing time became sick time. But I wanted a kippah to show you, so tonight I went downstairs and started cutting, ironing, and sewing. I’m still not quite done, but I had to stop in order to go to bed.

(Why am I posting now if I went to bed two hours ago? Well, R has other ideas about how this night is going to go. I’m fortunate that she’s good enough at nursing now that she can lie on a pillow while I type with both hands.)

So the kippah is more than halfway done. It will probably take me another 20 minutes to finish, and I’ll have a pic for you by next Wednesday.


That’s it… and I didn’t make it within 3 minutes – interruptions by a crying R made sure of that. So… Happy Thursday!


2 Comments to “Work-in-Progress Wednesday – 3 minute edition”

  1. That cake is great. You are so creative!


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