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Quick ‘n’ dirty sewing project: Sox box!

It all started while I was culling R’s clothes and organizing her drawers. The socks were all mixed up, hers and N’s, and I needed some kind of boxes or dividers, so of course I zipped down to my craft room and stitched up a couple of very simple fabric boxes. This project was so “quick and dirty” that I didn’t even bother changing the thread on the machine. I just grabbed some white denim, plugged in my iron, and started working. I turned out two boxes (no pattern, just making it up) in about 40 minutes.

Later on, while planning some montessori-type activities for N, I decided I needed some solid-coloured trays for a sorting task. Once again I went downstairs. This time I made a two-tone box. Here it is next to one of the originals:

Don’t you want one? Don’t let the name fool you; they’re not just for socks. I can picture them on a front-hall table holding keys and a cellphone; as a nice tray for a child’s hairbrush and accessories; you could make these long and thin and sew a few together to make a cutlery tray, or make a larger one to use as a bread basket.

The beauty of these is that they take almost no time to make, and very little fabric. You have a little fabric and 25 minutes, don’t you? Let’s get started:

Cut your fabric. I recommend using at least one heavy fabric (denim, canvas, or rigid felt) to help give your box structure.

The size of square (or rectangle) you need can be determined by this formula:

desired length + (desired height x 2) = length

desired width + (desired height x 2) = width

So for my 5×5″ box, I cut a 9 inch by 9 inch square. Two of them, actually.


Fold the sides over. If you want a 3-inch height, fold three inches of fabric over on each side. When folded, iron it so that the creases are visible. Open the folds.



Taking one corner, fold it so that the two creases are together and are folded the same way.




Sew a straight seam along the crease. Trim off the excess fabric. If your fabric is prone to fraying you may want to serge or sew a zigzag stitch along the edge.

Repeat until all four corners are sewn. It should look like this, but without the corner loops:



To add structure to your box (and also to make it look cool) fold over each side and sew a straight seam about 1/16 of an inch from the fold.




Fold over the top edges of the fabric and sew a zigzag stitch all around. Since I plan to fold the edge over again to make a tray with a very small lip, I didn’t bother making the edge look nice.

Fold the top edge over once more, and enjoy your cute new box!




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