Work-in-Progress Wednesday – Hanukkah edition

by Decemberbaby

Hmm, I hit *publish* on that last post a bit too soon. Please excuse the grammatical inconsistencies. I know I should have kept the story in either the present tense or the past. I’d edit it, but I hate doing edits because then my blog followers get another email saying that there has been an update, and I don’t want to annoy anyone with too many updates. You can see the bind I’m in.

All that aside, it’s time to see how I’m doing with my projects.

Still in progress: party giveaways

I found multipack flashlights at the big-box home improvement store – 8 for $12. I can live with that. I also bought some alphabet stickers (not from that store) so that the kids can personalize their flashlights.

I’ve bought some ingredients for the s’mores packets, but I’d still prefer a small, individually-wrapped chocolate bar to some chocolate chips, so I can’t say that this project is done. It will be complete by next week, though, seeing as the party is a week from tomorrow!

Still in progress: get everyone healthy

I still have a cough, exacerbated by the fact that R doesn’t let me sleep much. N’s cough is still there, but slowly getting better. K’s nose is runny and she’s in a foul mood. R’s cough sounds dry now, which I think is a good development. Mr. December is as healthy as a horse. My commitment this week is to take bedtime very, very seriously so that the kids can get enough rest to get well. It’s difficult because it’s hannukah and we want them to be awake to light candles together with us, but it’s for the greater good.

In progress: scavenger hunt objects

This week I’m going to take K for a walk on the nearby nature trail. We need to pick up some pinecones and sticks to hide around the house for the scavenger hunt.

That’s a wrap. Anybody else doing something this week?

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