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Here comes hannuka, right down hannuka lane…

Oh, right. Hannuka isn’t Christmas. I guess that’s why I didn’t even flinch when someone mentioned that Chanuka starts on Tuesday. That’s tomorrow, and I don’t have anything ready… except The Box.

I’ve decided that keeping the books and toys and ritual objects for each holiday out all year long makes them less interesting when the holiday does roll around. To that end, when I built my workshop storage unit I commandeered a box for each Jewish holiday. Every time I declutter or tidy a room, anything pertaining to a holiday goes into the appropriate box. So it was with great equanimity that I noted the impending arrival of Hannukah.

Here’s a peek inside the box. Okay, not literally, but here are the things I’ll be pulling out in two days:

Candles - the nice kind that look all pretty.
Books. My favourite is this one, Harvest of Light. It describes the process of harvesting olives and turning them into oil for use in the menorah.
Games. Dreidels, of course, but also this game - Staccabees - that feels like a cross between dreidel and jenga.
Decorations. We don't get all Christmas-y, but we do have these sparkly window clings that look especially lovely at night.

… and that’s it. K already put up the window clings, although their static-y magic means that she can take them down and rearrange them as often as she likes. While I wait for R to fall asleep in her swing (don’t ask) tonight, I’ll be displaying the Chanuka-related books, a dreidel, a menorah, and some candles on the kids’ table where N and K can practice putting the candles into the holders (great fine motor practice) and spinning the dreidels (ditto).

Oh, and it wouldn’t be Chanuka without latkes, right? Which means we need potatoes… good thing I have a cubic foot of potatoes right outside my door, waiting to be harvested. I’m sure N won’t object to some messy digging.

So… if you had a Chanuka box, what would be in it?

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