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Hippo Birdie


I’m 32!

I’ve deferred celebration to another date sometime in the future when we’re not all sick and when I can leave all three kids for an evening and enjoy a romantic night out with Mr. December. Today was pretty normal, although a nice normal: lovely banana-nut oatmeal for breakfast, a music class with all three kids, two birthday bike rides, and a two-hour nap.

Since it’s my birthday, I’d like to ask all my readers for a gift… leave me a comment! I miss comments. Please come out of lurkerdom and say “hi”. Maybe tell me how you found my blog (if it’s not glaringly obvious), or what you’d like me to blog about in future.

Aaaand… go!

10 thoughts on “Hippo Birdie

  1. My dear Decemberbaby,
    What can I say on this, your 32nd birthday? It seems you were merely a babe yourself when we first ‘met’. Will you ever know how much your friendship has meant to me over these years? No less ‘real’ because it is mostly ‘virtual’. (Although your challot and soup will go down in history in this house!). Even through your own pain and tsuris, you reached out to me. Through your own joy and jubilation – you were there for me and unbelievably empathic and sensitive to my point of view. Despite my permanent state of ‘barreness’, I feel nothing but JOY for you and Mr. December and your ever growing mishpucha. Today, I raise a toast to you, Decemberbaby. I am even close to thanking the evil JoJo for providing the means by which we were introduced. I thank you for your love, your support, your sustenance (spiritual, emotional and physical)…I celebrate you!!!!! I thank G-d that you are in my life and I count you as a good friend. I am blessed by knowing you.

    I can’t wait til you and Mr. December can have a lovely night out together and if Sariel and I can do anything to make that a reality (babysit, perhaps?) please do not hesitate to ask!!!

    You are a very special person.

    Much love and adoration,

  2. Happy Birthday Sara! I enjoy reading your blog. I find the links on facebook. Feel better and remember that while we all go through difficult “sick” times with the kids (we are too). In the greater scheme of things…… The kids are all ok – as are we – and some are much worse off.

    I don’t mean it to sound preachy, quite the opposite. Earlier this week as I was complaining about being kept up all night by the sound of coughing from down the hall – and it was a pretty bad cough – my cousin’s son (from the other side of the family) ended up admitted to the hospital in isolation. They don’t know what it is yet, although his condition is improving.

    We must count our lucky stars at every step.

    Get well soon James.

  3. Decemberbaby,
    I met you so many years ago, thanks to Jo Jo and Babysnark. It is hard to believe we were both without children then and now you are the mother of three! What a different world that was! Part of me misses the excitement of those early days anticipating motherhood, part of me hardly remembers anything before Juliette arrived.

    I really enjoy your blog because it is about mothering and homemaking and the challenges that come with both. The topics you pick, they seem to come from whatever is going on in your life, are great. Keep up the good reporting from home and all that happens in yours.

    I can’t believe you are SO young, only 32 years-old! Happy Birthday again, hope you really get to go out on a special date night soon.

    Take care,

  4. Feliz cumpleaños Sara! Hope you guys feel better soon! I’m happy to say I did NOT find your website from the bizarre web searches you indicated, but since Leah pointed it out to me, I’ve been rather addicted!

  5. Okay, only because its your birthday, I will write a comment on your blog.
    My comment is thus…
    I will write the occassional comment on your blog if you write the occassional note on MY blog.
    How is that? A deal?
    Great. Let’s do it.

    Later and one more question…
    Will your birthday cake also be sweet and crunchy?
    – Ted (Akiva NATAN)

  6. Mazal tov, Sara! In fact I owe you another huge mazal tov on the birth of baby R. Thank you so much for stopping by my poor abandoned blog to ask after me – I guess I was not quite ready to come back after all. And so I’ve been shy about leaving comments too. I keep hoping to have happy news to share, but none yet. Okay, that’s definitely the PC version, but I know you’ve been there, unfortunately, so you can fill in the blanks, right? Now I can’t quite remember how I found you, but a smart and crafty and thoughtful fellow ima? Yes please!

  7. Happy birthday (a day late)! I’m a lurker from way back in BS days when we all were just dreaming about babies. I love hearing your stories of mothering your babes and look forward to your updates.
    – long time lurker

  8. Better late than never, right? Sorry, weekends just seem to overtake me these days and I never get time to blog or comment! However…

    Belated birthday greetings on your 32nd! I hope it was a spectacular day and that everyone in your house is at least, on the way to healthy! I also hope you found a few moments to enjoy your special day and revel in all the marvels that you have in your life.

    Many hugs to you and yours and may all your birthday wishes come true!

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