well *I* think it's funny...

What brings you here?

I feel like blogging today, but I don’t feel like generating content or thinking too hard. I guess it must be time for…

Snappy answers to strange searches

Apparently lots of people find me through web searches. Most frequently they’re searching for Montessori stuff and, oddly enough, penguin costumes. Some of the searches are just odd, and some of them beg for answers. Here’s a handpicked sampler for you:

Can we pack cut cucumber for lunch?

Why not? No, seriously. Is there a reason why not?

Can 3 sunshine kinds car seats fit in a yaris

You’d think they could, but they can’t. You’re better off with an assortment of car seats that can overlap each other. Which brings us to…

3 carseats across back seat can the overlap

Yes, they can.

Penis Loofah

Hmm, you must have been directed to my post about the nest of the black-necked weaver. If that wasn’t what you were looking for, please consider that even though I’ve owned neither a penis nor a loofah, I would guess that it’s not a good idea to combine the two.

костюм пингвина

Sorry, I don’t read the Cyrillic alphabet. Can someone please tell me what this says? And why there have been thirteen people who got here by searching with this term?

Fetus Soup

What the… ?

Children pee in pants

Yep, they’ll do that. Also:

Butt pooping

Indeed, that’s what it’s for.

Baby flips out no reason

Well now, that depends. If the baby is younger than a year old, there’s always a reason (but yes, I’m counting colic as a reason). If you’re talking about an older baby-almost-toddler, then your search term is simply a statement of fact. Move along, nothing to see here.

Duct tape kippah

Hey, good idea! Perfect for kids (and grownups) whose kippot keep falling off.

Permission to pee pants


Bed is crunchy

Didn’t Ernie and Bert cover this back in the day? Stop eating cookies in the bed!

Is it almost lunchtime

Maybe where you are. Over here it’s bedtime, and I’m going to sleep. And no, my bed is not crunchy. G’night!




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