On a good day…

by Decemberbaby

This is what our afternoons look like on a good day:

the kids do some mess-free painting at the window...

K blows bubbles for N to pop; backround music is Loreena McKennitt

R practises her valuable "looking skills"

K prepares a snack for us...

... and we enjoy some tea together.

Of course, even on a “good” day you’ll hear me say, “N, get OUT of the FREEZER!” about six dozen times, and K will whine that N won’t “let” her use her step stool to reach the counter. I still have to coerce K into using the toilet, and R still sometimes has to cry for a few minutes while I put out other fires her siblings have started. But it’s a good day. I’m experiencing “flow” – I don’t notice the passage of time, I’m just wrapped up in what we’re doing.

Yesterday was NOT a good day. It was a bad day, owing to the fact that we’re still all sick and I keep getting sicker because I don’t have an opportunity to rest enough. Do you want to guess what yesterday looked like?

No, I didn’t take a picture. But picture this:

K and N are glued to the screen of my laptop, watching Disney movies. Each of them has a Klean Kanteen full of juice and they’ve been granted unfettered access to the crackers on the kitchen counter. There are crumbs everywhere. N has been in and out of the freezer enough times to have made a trail of unopened freezies, each in a different stage of thawing. I’m sitting on the couch behind the kids, holding R and stinking of puke – the baby has been coughing so hard that it triggers her gag reflex – but too tired and woozy to go change my shirt for the fourth time today. Again, I don’t notice the passage of time, but this time it’s because time just IS NOT PASSING. Gah! Still three hours until Mr. December comes home? How many more Disney videos do I have? At this point I declare that it’s naptime and set K’s special naptime clock for an extra-long nap. She won’t get up until the clock tells her to, which it will… just about ten minutes before Mr. D comes home. I wonder if she’ll notice.

On a bad day, I thank God my kids won’t remember most of this. On a good day, I thank God for photographic evidence of what a fun time we all had.

3 Comments to “On a good day…”

  1. Your kids get more attention on a bad day than so many other children out there get at all. A few Disney and long nap days won’t matter 🙂 am hoping that you were able to take a real sick day today and relax. Get well my friend!

  2. Looks just about right! I tried to capture just that in my video !

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