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Work-in-Progress Wednesday: sick baby edition

There’s a pox on my house. Well, not a pox. A plague, perhaps? Fever, and chills, and achiness… and congestion, and a nasty chest cough, and sometimes croup, and sometimes an ear infection and sometimes pinkeye… so yeah, some kind of plague. Or pox. Or something.

We all have it except for Mr. December, who rarely gets sick. I had hoped R would be spared because she’s getting all my immunities from breastmilk, but she came down with the fever on Monday afternoon. I called our doctor to have her checked out – I don’t usually drag my kids to the doctor for a piddling virus, but she’s just so small and new – and was informed that a baby this young with a fever needs to go to the ER.

I’ll save you the sad details of our sojourn there. After five hours it was decided that R is not septic, she just has whatever virus her siblings have shared with her. It was also decided (by me and Mr. December) that next time we will go to the children’s hospital. Yes, it’s downtown and yes, parking is tough and the wait may be longer to be seen, but I’m pretty sure the nurses there would be able to get a vein for a blood draw the first time without digging around and bruising my daughter’s hand. They’d also probably be able to get a urine sample out of her the first time, and not have to poke around with the catheter for five minutes while doing so. I probably would have spent less time bent over my screaming daughter’s head, kissing her brow and whispering, “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry, sweetie.”

Hmm. I guess I’ve shared the sad details. Sorry ’bout that.

Moving on…

As you can imagine, life has been pretty unproductive for the past few days. I’ve been torn between suctioning R’s nose and snuggling N, who was as listless as an absentminded professor in a grocery store (is that similie a little too belabored?). And yet, I have progress to report!

Completed! Thank-you notes

Thrillingly, I’m done! I sent off the last thank-you notes in the mail on Sunday night. I feel inordinately proud – email thank-yous allowed me to achieve something I haven’t with either of the first two babies. Everyone’s gift has been properly acknowledged, and I can stop feeling guilty. I can probably also shred or recycle all the thank-you notes that were written – but never mailed – after K’s baby naming.

Still in progress: basement rec room

The equipment is set up, and the foam mats are down… but I’ve run into a little speed bump while trying to execute my “road” idea. Apparently the mats can’t connect to each other unless you have the same side facing up – so a grey “road” next to a colourful mat is not going to happen, or at least not easily. How important is it to me? Should I just do a little slice-and-dice and see if I can make it work? This week I will figure out my plan. If I have time, I might actually complete the work.

In progress: scavenger hunt list

One of the fun things we’ll be doing at K’s party is a scavenger hunt. In the dark. With flashlights. I’m trying to stick to things that one could expect to find while camping. The list needs to have words and pictures, so that all of the kids can “read” it. It sounds easy, but in my enduring perfectionism I tend to spend a lot of time looking for just the right kind of image. I hope to finish it by next week.

In progress: get everyone healthy

Seriously, folks. I’m sick too, and with two sick babies I’m getting maybe three hours of sleep at night, and a two-hour nap during the day. This week’s focus will be on making sure that everyone gets lots of rest and nourishment so that we can end this cycle of contagion. The winter has barely started and already I’m so over the whole flu season thing. My goal for next week is having everyone, if not one hundred percent well, on the mend.

Stay tuned to see if I get anything done! And in the meantime… any other bloggers being productive out there? Regale us with tales of your organized front closet/awesome new quilt/clean desk!

3 thoughts on “Work-in-Progress Wednesday: sick baby edition

  1. Sorry ’bout your hospital experience…definitely head to the children’s hospital if you need to do that again!
    I did get my office at work totally cleaned and reorganized yesterday – whoo hoo!!! If I get my butt in gear today will blog about it

  2. Up with my own sick kid and thinking through your roadway conundrum in my head. Here’s what I’d love to do (if we had the space): Plan for the roads to be narrower than the squares. Devise a creative layout, could be curvy or straight, making sure that it’s got a line of mirror symmetry. E.g., could be a big oval maybe with an x running through it. Or just some curvy and straight lines. Draw the map onto the mats. Trace as needed to make sure the symmetry’s just right. Then cut out the roadway as though all one block. Flip and re-insert. Reconstitute the hybrid squares using duct tape on the backs and/or rubber cement in the seams. Voila!

    1. P.S.: Glad to hear the unsent-thank-you-note guilt can be remedied by baby #3. I certainly didn’t get more than half of them done last time.
      Feel better soon, you awesome crafty mama!

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