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Back in the saddle again

This morning I packed up the kids and took them to the drop-in centre… on my bike! It’s my first time back on the bike since R’s birth, and my legs have definitely weakened in that time, but it felt amazing. I’d forgotten quite how much I love biking, and now I have plans to bike as much as possible when the roads are dry, regardless of the cold. The plastic raincover on the bakfiets keeps the passengers mighty warm, and I can always add a duvet and a hot water bottle if it’s really freezing out.

My ride today covered maybe two kilometres. To the drop-in centre and back home (around the block one more time just for fun), and then to the bank and to pick up the dry cleaning. Later I might hit the pharmacy and the small grocery next to it, which would bring my total to four kilometres for the day. I love my bike!

(Did I mention that I really love my bakfiets? I do!)


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