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We had to demolish the drywall-and-plaster ceiling of our garage. It was raining little smelly bits of plaster and related dust all summer, to the point where we stopped closing the garage door just so we wouldn’t have to wipe the stuff off our bikes and strollers every day. Then a neighbourhood cat (I don’t understand why people are allowed to let their cats roam the neighbourhood, but that’s a rant for another time) discovered our garage. When I found cat hairs all over the seats of our new stroller, I declared that the ceiling had to come down.

It’s done now, with the debris bagged for clandestine placement in our garbage bin (the city doesn’t want renovation debris in the household bins, but what they can’t identify won’t get left behind). As he was finishing up the job, the guy who did the demo for us mentioned that there was a lot of stuff above the rafters.

I looked up and noticed some wooden legs sticking out, most likely attached to an old-fashioned coat rack. There seemed to be some cages up there too (for dogs?) and a lamp with a classic-looking curvy base. Demo guy also said there were some chairs, as well as a piece of furniture that might be a table or maybe a sideboard.

I have a hunch that this stuff is not from the previous owners of the house, but from the ones before them. So we’re talking wooden furniture and other stuff from people who moved into the house in the late 1940’s.

Am I crazy, or did I hit the trash-picker-crafty-diy-er jackpot? I can’t wait to start pulling that stuff down in the spring and bringing out the paint and sandpaper. Who’s with me?

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