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Work-in-Progress Wednesday – Due date edition

Sorry about last week’s absence, everybody. I was busy trying to get Rosh Hashana stuff done, and I decided in favour of braiding round challahs and picking wildflowers with the kids rather than blogging. Yom Kippur is right around the corner, so now that I’ve apologized you have to – in the words of Homer Simpson – “forgive me, or your God will punish you!”

Ahem. Back to the program. I haven’t seen any posts from Lisaleh or Bookishima lately, so I think it might be just me this week. That’s okay, it’s a busy time for Jewish bloggers everywhere. I’m sure they’ll join us after they’ve recovered from four weeks of overeating, then fasting, then overeating again holidays.

And now for the works in progress…

Completed: baby quilt (and pattern!)

Here’s a quilt for a new baby boy. I actually took the time to make a pattern, and then I used that pattern to cut fabric for two quilts – way faster than my usual method! Here it is:


Completed: cloud wall decals

I wasn’t fully satisfied with the shape of the cloud I made myself. Then I was at Lowe’s and found some cloud wall decals on sale – but they weren’t repositionable, and I wasn’t crazy about their colour. But they were only $10 on clearance so I bought them and used them as stencils. The clouds look great, the vinyl shelf paper is totally repositionable and wipeable, and I’m happy. So here they are – my cheap ($15 for the whole set), removable, wipeable cloud wall decals:






I think I’d like a few more clouds. If I have time I’ll go and get some more contact paper and make them, but for now I’m happy with the result. The room looks brighter and cheerier already.

In Progress: Ugly kids’ flip-out-couch makeover

Someone recently handed us one of these:

Well, ours has the Wiggles on it, but you get the idea. It’s tacky, tacky, ugly, and has no place in my living room.

(Yes, I’m a toy snob – which is another post for another time – and have banned tacky licensed toys from my home because they offend my aesthetic sensibilities.)

Anyhow, I’m planning on sewing a new cover for it out of fabrics that are fun but also coordinate with our living room. K loves this couch and is devastated that it’s currently out of commission (I’ve ripped apart the cover so that I can copy the pattern). I figure this is the perfect way to bring on labour: start a time-consuming project that I won’t be able to finish when the baby arrives and the absence of which will disappoint my kids to no end. If that doesn’t get labour going, what will?

So that’s that. I hope that the next thing I post will be a birth story, or at least an announcement, but at this point I feel like I’ve tried everything and now I just have to wait. With my luck, I’ll be back next week pledging to create new mobiles for the kids’ room and placemats for our dining table.

Happy Wednesday, and G’mar Chatima Tova – and an easy fast – to my Jewish readers.

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